Spirits Pretending To Be Human Beings

Time and again, Divine entities residing on the Other Side laugh at us for failing to discern our true nature.

All along we think we are just mere mortals walking on a solitary winding path called Life.

Much have been revealed about our origins in the past and such reminders have been delivered in religions, meditations, psychic readings and past life hypnotic regressions.

Therefore the pertinent question is … ‘ When will we listen?’

Everyone who walks the surface of Earth is an actor, playing out his role as agreed upon prior to incarnation.

More often than not, people do not remember. Yet there are others who choose not to remember.

Those who love the three dimensional world including its material trappings and human drama are the ones who excel in pretending to be human beings.

However, those who feel that there is more to life than just surviving are taking their first step in remembering.

Nevertheless, the ‘awakened’ and the ‘sleepwalkers’ are never judged as each person’s free will is honored by the Divine.

As time moves closer to 2012, the veil of forgetfulness thins out.

Great opportunities arise for us to look beyond.

The Game that we have been playing for so long is finally yielding a new paradigm.

One which speaks of Unity …. in consciousness of the outer and inner worlds.

A remembrance to help us replicate our Home …. on this planet.

Interesting times, these are.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wellspring0fgodslove
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 15:31:33

    I think I will reread this a few times to gain more insight into what you have said.
    I am one of those you speak of. I am reminded week after week that I am Divine Energy and One with God but I still behave like a human existing each day like I am responsible for my own direction. I have no idea when I will finally allow my energy to blend with All That Is. Hopefully soon.
    Thank you for your words. There are many levels of “knowing” in this post.


  2. passionfortruths
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 04:28:29

    The fog of duality is strong in this world. That is what makes it challenging!

    I have a feeling you are already doing very well … much further ahead than others.

    Do continue to share your knowledge with the rest of the world.

    And thanks for your kind words.



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