What matters in the end …

“The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.”

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

(Note: The above are classic quotes by Abraham Lincoln, which remain relevant today.)

Our Relationship

Many people enter into and exit from relationships, with great disappointment and pain.

They look for love and a partner to help complete their ‘half’.

Unbeknownst to them, they are already ‘complete’ on their own.

Not apparent to them is also the fact that their relationship with others need not be created …

For this already exists.

Truly we are part of One big family of souls.

The bond is sacred.

The relationship is eternal.

If at all one still desires to search ….

Then let the search begin from within.

In the end, the Love for self ….. is the Love for all.

True love is unconditional.

An Invitation to a New Earth

The New Earth is already upon us.

An invitation to live in this world has been sent out.

All we need to do is to accept it with grace.

It will then open the door for us …

To Walk proudly in the energy of the Source,

To Have Faith ,

To Be the Creator we have always been,

To Reclaim our divine power with humility,

To Have gratitude for life and it’s beautiful design.

When we are able to accomplish these things,

Our cloud of darkness will fade and …

We become Ascended Beings of Love and Light,

Living fully conscious of who we are and our roles in life.

Life and Work on Earth

An ageless spiritual reminder about life and death, from the Divine :-

“Dear family members, like us, you are eternal in both directions. There was no beginning of your existence, and there will be no end. The divine spark that is inside of you knows this so well! There will come a time for each of you, where at the end of this existence in this incarnation, you will have the chance to feel the fear of what you call death. Yet so many in this room will wink at it and recognize it as something they have been through before for eons and eons of time. There is no sting in death. It is simply a transmutation of energy–one energy to another. When you feel it again, you will know in an instant that it will be a ‘welcome home.’ We tell you this, family members, because we want you to understand how profound your work is on this planet.”

– The above message is from Kryon as channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll.

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