The Great Shift

For a very long time, Earth’s energy has been hovering at very low levels.

The low vibrations also meant that societies all over the world were living in a different paradigm.

It has been called the Age of Pisces, whereby governments, corporations and even religious groups were structured in a “Follow the Leader” set-up.

It was a time when the masses relied upon elected leaders to plan and dictate their future.

However, times have changed. 2011 is a great testimony of the Great Shift in human consciousness. We have moved past the old age and transitioned into the new Age of Aquarius.

Truly, a new way of life is upon us, whereby human beings start to change the rules of this game. It is an extreme opposite of the previous lifestyle – one which spells “Follow Yourself!”

The biggest impact was created by the revolutions in the Middle East in 2011. The new script at hand carries the theme of Self-Empowerment.

Political analysts were stumped by the mass awakening in Egypt, which led to the ousting of it’s dictator. Apparently, no one could be attributed as the leader of that great movement. The reality is that Earth has now invited the new energy of liberation and independence.

The Great Shift can now be seen in many countries and this was actually predicted years ago, based upon the potentials created by the human beings themselves. Individuals are slowly but surely awakening from their long slumber in this world of duality. They are finally reclaiming the power of their individuality.

It is indeed an unprecedented moment in the history of Earth. Many have described it as The Ascension of humanity. At long last, people are remembering who they really are and the power that they possess. It is a golden age when the masses finally discover that they are truly Masters …. of their own destiny … and not victims of fate.

And so it is.