The Past Is In The Present

From the linear point of view of a human being,

The past is behind us and does not exist in the present anymore.

But memories of the past events still linger on.

Very real these are.

Memories are more than 3 dimensional records of the past.

When a person immerses oneself in the past episodes of life,

The emotions felt way back then, come alive –

As if one is reliving it!

Emotion is actually energy- in-motion and once energy is created, it stays with us.

The energy of days gone by, is thus very much in the present.

The rich memories of the past are the ‘things’ we get to retain,

When we cross over to the Other Side.

Souls who are mindful of this fact,

Always align their actions to create …

The best memories –

Ones which are rooted in compassion, integrity, fairness and unconditional love.

The true reward in the Hereafter … is thus a product of Now.

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