Separation – The Great Illusion Of Life

“There is no separation between you and Source or God or the Universe or the name that is given to the energy that supports, nourishes, connects and sustains everyone and everything in the Universe. The judgments that serve to separate humanity from its divinity are only thoughts that cannot erase the truth that is encoded in the light you carry. What you call separation is also known as the dark or as fear and it is the only thing that separates you from the oneness you have with Source.

But this separation exists within humanity because it is impossible for Source to be separate from its own light and you are an emanation of that light. When you remember that ‘You and God are One’ layers of fear that you know as unworthiness and separation are released. Your soul is unburdened and can breathe in light, free from the density of the energy of third dimensional learning. For a moment you can re-member, or rejoin, yourself to God.

There is an inevitable end to the journey of reconnection and it will happen for all of humanity, each person in their own time. The cycle of karma and healing will continue for each soul until it remembers that it is one with Source, can recall its light, embrace love and learn forgiveness. While there is an ascension path within the earth’s cycle, all of humanity will be able to experience reconnection and ascension but it is not a single event. Rather, it is a journey that each soul is on and has been on since the beginning of its third dimensional experience.

See yourself as one with God, know that you are the light of God and that the Source of your light is within you and always with you. There is no separation other than that which you believe you have created and that is not the spiritual truth which is the only truth. Know that ‘I and God are One’, make this your daily affirmation and breathe in the light that is the light, love and truth of who you are.”

(Note: The above message was from Archangel Uriel as channeled via Jennifer Hoffman)

Dethroning The Kings and Queens Of Control.

I have noticed much of my life revolves around trying to control the circumstances surrounding me. In retrospect, it was intended to keep me ‘safe’ so as to avoid mistakes or prevent failures. Well, some of these acts did produce the desired effect but not all. Thus on some occasions, the opposite became the reality, much to my dismay.

Many sources that I have come across actually advise against being a control agent. And that means to ease up on controlling and to start allowing. Apparently the Divine system is intelligent enough to bring to us the matching result of our intentions. The future path is seldom shown in great details but is instead illuminated in sections. Step by step. Moment by moment. The caveat is to give intent. Once we have set sail on our path, the waves of life will bring us further and further to our intended destination. The path forward is guided by meaningful coincidences. One after the other.

When such coincidences are ignored, the chain of manifestations will be broken. When that happens, we tend to give up on our ideas and lament about life. We begin to think that life on this planet is so harsh and cruel. So devoid of love … So tiring … So meaningless. As we focus on such thoughts intensely, ironically another path is created by the Universe. One that leads to greater disillusionment. As they say, life then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We are truly creators of the highest order. The system behind the scenes support our intentions. Creating a positive future for ourselves and the world requires some form of blind faith. Highly successful people often trust their intuition. Somehow they know they will succeed and often they do! They may not have all the strategies at hand but they trust these will develop along the way. The wise gurus and great spiritual masters have taught about the very same method of manifestation. Perhaps, instead of just listening to the same messages for the 100th time, it might be a good idea to live this truth – to hold the intent, take action and react correspondingly to the synchronicities that appear. So blind faith means not trying to control the outcome incessantly but having faith that it is blind to prejudice. It is faith that is … just. Accordingly, the result will be divine. As with other decisions in life, the leap of faith is ours to take.

For Your Enlightenment!

A fairly young man from out of town was ordained as the new Master of a monastery. The excited person quickly started a Q&A session with his new disciples.

New Master : How long does it take for one to attain Enlightenment?

Optimistic Disciple : Months … But with effort, probably weeks.

Pessimistic Disciple : Oh boy, decades at least!

Ignorant Disciple : Er… What is Enlightenment?

Sarcastic Disciple : The same time it takes for someone to replace our fused light bulb.

Overweight Disciple : Gee.. I can’t say. You didn’t specify the weight to be shed, Master.

Chain-smoking Disciple : Whoa… that reminds me about getting a new cig. lighter! I’ll be back before you know it. See you later, Master dude!

Panicky Disciple : Oh no…. You mean you don’t know the answer? Crap, I should have listened to my gut feelings and joined the other monastery!

Outgoing Master : (Giggles) I would say the same time it took for you to arrive. What a load off my shoulders! Bye!!


A true Master knows that even humor can enlighten!

Acknowledgement of True Self

Dedicate this day to yourself,

To believe and to affirm,

That life is a divine opportunity,

To share and to spread love – not animosity.

Heart to heart,

Soul to soul.

When we connect, we unite.

And that … is our soul’s purpose. So, let us …

Speak truthfully,

Live Peacefully,

Love fearlessly.

Power of Karma

“Karma is indeed the engine of planetary fulfillment for Earth. What this means is that as you walk through your karmic lessons, you become enlightened, and the planet changes. For each lesson is learned, and with that process comes enlightenment. As your consciousness is raised as a group on the planet, the Earth, the very dirt of the Earth, must respond. For the physical Earth will respond to your changes in consciousness! This is how you raise the vibration of your planet. So as you walk through your karma, you are actually changing Earth. And the individual karma is the most important thing you have; it does the greatest job for all of humanity.”

– An explanation of Karma by entity Kryon as channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll.

Light From Home

Keep yourself warm in the coldest storm.

When in doubt, just try to hold on.

Home sends help in various forms.

So, look around for the lights that are turned on.

Those where new thoughts are born,

Helping us realize that nothing lasts long.

Even hate … has to move along.

The light will show where we have gone wrong,

And guide us back to where we belong.

Light is truly … the love from Beyond.

Finding Life’s Meaning In The New Year.

Many people celebrated and welcomed the arrival of a new year. But still, many dreaded the moment, for what they saw was just sadness and gloom.

Perhaps due to past unfavorable experiences?

Perhaps due to recent failures in their working or personal lives?

Not many people can live through failures or traumas and come out unscathed.Deep emotional scars can indeed be tough to erase.

Losing one’s job… losing one’s partner… could be dreadful.

But all the great teachers of the past have taught us two noble truths:-

1) The road to life was not meant to be a walk in the park.
2) The human being was built for challenges.

The ‘amnesia’ is the divine block preventing us from remembering everything about Life.In the absence of memory, comes the ultimate challenge.

Do we believe we were condemned to suffer for no apparent reason?

Or do we believe we thrive on challenges which will help us grow spiritually?

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always hope in everyone’s life.

The greatest Master emerged not from traversing an unobstructed path. Instead the person is one who has endured the many twists and turns of life.

At the end of this rocky road, each person is awarded a badge of mastery which is displayed lovingly on his or her being.

The color of the badge varies but the same divine inscription is found on each one. In bold letters, the statement proclaims :-

“I survived the human experience and I am enriched by it.”

And so it is.