Finding Life’s Meaning In The New Year.

Many people celebrated and welcomed the arrival of a new year. But still, many dreaded the moment, for what they saw was just sadness and gloom.

Perhaps due to past unfavorable experiences?

Perhaps due to recent failures in their working or personal lives?

Not many people can live through failures or traumas and come out unscathed.Deep emotional scars can indeed be tough to erase.

Losing one’s job… losing one’s partner… could be dreadful.

But all the great teachers of the past have taught us two noble truths:-

1) The road to life was not meant to be a walk in the park.
2) The human being was built for challenges.

The ‘amnesia’ is the divine block preventing us from remembering everything about Life.In the absence of memory, comes the ultimate challenge.

Do we believe we were condemned to suffer for no apparent reason?

Or do we believe we thrive on challenges which will help us grow spiritually?

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always hope in everyone’s life.

The greatest Master emerged not from traversing an unobstructed path. Instead the person is one who has endured the many twists and turns of life.

At the end of this rocky road, each person is awarded a badge of mastery which is displayed lovingly on his or her being.

The color of the badge varies but the same divine inscription is found on each one. In bold letters, the statement proclaims :-

“I survived the human experience and I am enriched by it.”

And so it is.