For Your Enlightenment!

A fairly young man from out of town was ordained as the new Master of a monastery. The excited person quickly started a Q&A session with his new disciples.

New Master : How long does it take for one to attain Enlightenment?

Optimistic Disciple : Months … But with effort, probably weeks.

Pessimistic Disciple : Oh boy, decades at least!

Ignorant Disciple : Er… What is Enlightenment?

Sarcastic Disciple : The same time it takes for someone to replace our fused light bulb.

Overweight Disciple : Gee.. I can’t say. You didn’t specify the weight to be shed, Master.

Chain-smoking Disciple : Whoa… that reminds me about getting a new cig. lighter! I’ll be back before you know it. See you later, Master dude!

Panicky Disciple : Oh no…. You mean you don’t know the answer? Crap, I should have listened to my gut feelings and joined the other monastery!

Outgoing Master : (Giggles) I would say the same time it took for you to arrive. What a load off my shoulders! Bye!!


A true Master knows that even humor can enlighten!