Dethroning The Kings and Queens Of Control.

I have noticed much of my life revolves around trying to control the circumstances surrounding me. In retrospect, it was intended to keep me ‘safe’ so as to avoid mistakes or prevent failures. Well, some of these acts did produce the desired effect but not all. Thus on some occasions, the opposite became the reality, much to my dismay.

Many sources that I have come across actually advise against being a control agent. And that means to ease up on controlling and to start allowing. Apparently the Divine system is intelligent enough to bring to us the matching result of our intentions. The future path is seldom shown in great details but is instead illuminated in sections. Step by step. Moment by moment. The caveat is to give intent. Once we have set sail on our path, the waves of life will bring us further and further to our intended destination. The path forward is guided by meaningful coincidences. One after the other.

When such coincidences are ignored, the chain of manifestations will be broken. When that happens, we tend to give up on our ideas and lament about life. We begin to think that life on this planet is so harsh and cruel. So devoid of love … So tiring … So meaningless. As we focus on such thoughts intensely, ironically another path is created by the Universe. One that leads to greater disillusionment. As they say, life then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We are truly creators of the highest order. The system behind the scenes support our intentions. Creating a positive future for ourselves and the world requires some form of blind faith. Highly successful people often trust their intuition. Somehow they know they will succeed and often they do! They may not have all the strategies at hand but they trust these will develop along the way. The wise gurus and great spiritual masters have taught about the very same method of manifestation. Perhaps, instead of just listening to the same messages for the 100th time, it might be a good idea to live this truth – to hold the intent, take action and react correspondingly to the synchronicities that appear. So blind faith means not trying to control the outcome incessantly but having faith that it is blind to prejudice. It is faith that is … just. Accordingly, the result will be divine. As with other decisions in life, the leap of faith is ours to take.