The Hardest Part

Hard to be calm when we are surrounded by human drama?

Hard to live when much of what we have experienced is trauma?

Hard to love when our heart has been dropped like a jar?

Hard to tolerate when we have been pushed too far?

Life is hard, when our ego is hurt. But here’s a little reminder from the internationally acclaimed psychic medium Lisa Williams about life itself :-

“When your ego influences your every decision and choice, your spiritual growth becomes impeded. You can circumvent your ego by embracing all that life gives you and valuing it all- even the hard stuff- since it is given to you for a reason and a purpose. Know that you yourself planned this life exactly the way it has turned out … as part of the plan for your evolving soul. Acknowledging this reality will make life on Earth and in the Afterlife go more smoothly and be so much more enjoyable.”

And so it is.

Are We There Yet?

Disciple: Master, how long will this journey take?

Master: As long as it should.

Disciple: Hmmm… I meant to ask – how many years will it take?

Master: (Smiles) … As many as required.

Disciple: Sheesh…. Why do you not give me a direct answer?

Master: My answer is as direct as it should be.

Disciple: Look, you are NOT helping at all. For the last time, when will my journey end in this world?!

Master: Dear one, though we are all on the path of self-mastery, your progress can only be determined by yourself alone! Even I cannot master the lessons on your behalf. Ha..ha.. But judging by your questions, I think you will be around for a very … very…long time!!

Overcoming Fear Itself!

“Humans have been manipulated over and over, and over again on this planet. It has happened in almost every government, religion, and corporation. The way you can most easily be manipulated is through your own fear. Start finding ways to break through even the smallest pieces of your own fear, and you can no longer be manipulated on planet Earth. That is starting to happen in a big way, but is going to take every one of you working together. A single soul cannot stop the manipulation. However, that is no problem because you are all part of each other and you are starting to let down those boundaries, honoring that within each other. Can you imagine a planet with beings that have evolved beyond the need for fear? That is true empowerment, for when you empower anyone else outside of yourself you are also empowering yourself. You are empowering and creating a space for that to happen. When you overcome this place of fear and start looking at the opportunities for spreading light, you become a magnet. As if magically, others will come to you with their fears and you will be making a difference on this planet. That is what you have come to do …

Dear ones, your whole world is changing. You have known this and have written about it for eons of time. You have known there was a big shift coming. Everyone postulated as to what exactly that looked like, and tried to find how you could speed it up. It is here, happening today, and it is continuing. All the dreams and aspirations you had once hoped for in the year 2012 are here today. We cannot wait to see what you create in 2012 because you are so excited about it, but first you must find which day you are going to play that game.

Connect in any way that you can, dear ones, and touch one another often for that is something that is only done on planet Earth. It is a way to help you re-member who you are, and for others to re-member who they are. It is a way to give your gifts freely and with a tremendous amount of love. Know that we are with you every step of the way, for we have never left you. Know that we love you, as we spread our wings just to reflect your magnificence and to help you re-member who you are. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived.

We leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another and play well together.”

(Note: The above is an excerpt of a message by ‘The Group’ from the Other Side as channelled via Mr. Steve Rother.)

The Creator Within

“Decide now on who you want to be.

Blessed are the human beings for they possess the gift of creativity.”

And so the message was brought to me.

It makes me feel so alive to believe…

That I can change my destiny.

The wise ones have also said to me-

“One day, you will be back Home with family,

Until then, choose where you wish to be,

Enjoy all the scenery that your eyes can see,

But always remember, within lies … your divinity.”

Solar Flares ! Are You Affected?

Currently there is a great solar activity taking place in our central Sun causing events like Aurora Borealis to occur. Experts in metaphysics are aware of its significance and ordinary people can feel the effects of the increased solar flares.

According to the experts, solar activity can influence human consciousness. It has a bearing on our Central Nervous System and brain activity. This in turn impacts the human behavior patterns and may also lead to many physical symptoms. As such physical, mental and emotional effects could be felt when the solar wind hits Earth’s magnetosphere. The common symptoms are listed below:-

– anxiousness
– dizziness
– prone to agitations/flares of temper
– lethargy
– unexplained irritations
– digestion problems
– encountering strange dreams
– changes in sleep patterns
– increased short term memory
– heart palpitations
– prolonged head pressure and headaches
– hot flashes

Energy waves such as photon waves from the sun exert a powerful effect on our cells. The waves in an intricate manner activate our ‘inner’ memories. As such, unpleasant episodes of the past, such as previous traumas may resurface. Energy from the sun during these times are essentially helping us lift and transmute lower vibrations of emotions from the past such as fear, guilt, anger and shame. During such a process, people may experience a greater number of mood swings.

The longer term effect is one that is positive. It causes the awakening of the Soul. As such, more people during this period will start to seek the true meaning of life, as they slowly abandon old habits, end unfulfilling relationships including changing jobs which do not resonate with them any longer. Certain people may even experience an inner urge to relocate.

Indeed the increased solar activity and the massive awakening and uprising of the silent majority (e.g. revolution in the Middle East and Occupy movements) are very much part of the planetary ascension process which Earth has been experiencing since 1987’s Harmonic Convergence. Truly it is a cosmic milestone to be recognized and not to be feared. Alas, a unity consciousness is being created.