The Hardest Part

Hard to be calm when we are surrounded by human drama?

Hard to live when much of what we have experienced is trauma?

Hard to love when our heart has been dropped like a jar?

Hard to tolerate when we have been pushed too far?

Life is hard, when our ego is hurt. But here’s a little reminder from the internationally acclaimed psychic medium Lisa Williams about life itself :-

“When your ego influences your every decision and choice, your spiritual growth becomes impeded. You can circumvent your ego by embracing all that life gives you and valuing it all- even the hard stuff- since it is given to you for a reason and a purpose. Know that you yourself planned this life exactly the way it has turned out … as part of the plan for your evolving soul. Acknowledging this reality will make life on Earth and in the Afterlife go more smoothly and be so much more enjoyable.”

And so it is.