One Life After Another

Considered as one of the greatest psychics of the 20th century, the late Edgar Cayce had this to share about reincarnation (death and re-birth) on planet Earth:-

“We have lived and died many times. The reason we don’t remember our former lives is because our vast soul memories are not transferred to our baby brains at birth. All we know in this life is what we have learned, most of which is a partial memory of things we learned in past lifetimes. At the beginning of each lifetime, we are cleared of all past prejudices, learning blocks and wrong teachings, and are ready for a fresh start – just like a new term in school – and, like school, when we have learned enough of life’s lessons, we graduate and don’t have to come back to this Earth anymore, except as volunteers to teach stragglers.”

And that … is the Journey of Souls.

Pray That It Will Rain

Leave some hope for me at the door.
Feeling desperate – I need that faith … now.
Feeling low, going slow, that’s how I want to be … now.
Can’t control these feelings -can’t take it anymore!

So leave me to grieve now,
Need to get this out,
I am so in pain now,
Sunken by my doubts.

Don’t be the shame now,
Messing with my thoughts.
Time to reclaim my life now,
And Rise above the clouds.

Hoping that in the end,
All the pain,
Will be washed away …
By the Rain … rain … rain.

And so I pray…
That it will rain.

(Note: Poetry inspired by the hauntingly beautiful hit song by Bruno Mars called ‘It Will Rain’.)

Can We Heal Ourselves?

Apparently the answer to the aforementioned question is in the affirmative. However, conventional science does not focus much on beliefs. In fact, most people have accepted past revelation that the fate of our health is sealed by our genes. And so, the following thought is imprinted within most of us.

“There’s nothing we can do – it’s genetics.”

However, as research goes on, new information surfaces every now and then, which debunks previous conclusions. One fine example lies in the field of epigenetic. Dr. Bruce Lipton, biologist, former medical professor and author of the award winning science book “The Biology Of Belief” holds a different view when it comes to the perception surrounding DNAs and genes. He was once reported as saying :

” The current science is called genetic control, which simply means control by genes. The new science, that I got involved with more than 40 years ago and is now becoming mainstream, is called epigenetic control. This little prefix epi turns the world upside down. Epi means above. So, epigenetic means control above the genes. We now know that we influence the activity of our genes by our actions, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. In fact, epigenetic information can take a single gene blueprint and modify the readout of the gene to create more than 30,000 different proteins from the same blueprint. Basically, it says that the genes are plastic and variable and adjust to the environment.”

The above view best explains how the ‘placebo effect’ works. In the field of metaphysics, Mr. Lee Carroll has written many books which touch on our DNAs based on information he received from the Other Side. It has been emphasized that human consciousness and people’s intent activate our dormant DNAs to perform ‘health miracles’ at sub-atomic levels. As such, our positive view/belief/attitude in life can indeed lead to cases of spontaneous remission. On the other hand, fear and worry are great stumbling blocks to our healing. As such, it is good to be mindful of what we think and believe.

(Note: This post was written not to belittle conventional science but instead to act as a reminder that all of us possess great powers within.)

Regardless Of Seasons …

Although seasons come and go,
Relationship can still be fostered …
If there is warmth in our heart,
And light in our soul.

We can be the summer in someone’s life,
By removing the cold in the person’s winter.

No earthly season can hold back,
The growth of one’s soul,
When the goal is set …
To see the other … not as a foe,
But as someone from the same mould,
Made of ‘Gold’-

The glittering metaphor,
Of Love from Home.

Life Review- Why Wait?

A wonderful suggestion for the inhabitants of our challenging planet:-

“Investigating the afterlife has taught me that we will eventually review how we lived our lives once we pass and go home to the other side. I’ve often thought, ‘Why wait? Why not give ourselves a little life review right now?’ Given that how we spend our days is ultimately how we spend our lives, ask yourself how you are spending your days and life? If you were to string together the majority of your days, do you look back in review of your life and feel happy about how you’re spending your time here?”

– Bob Olson, a former skeptic of afterlife who now disseminates much information about the world beyond, after having successful past life regressions and numerous accurate readings by genuine mediums. A wealth of enlightening information is revealed in his interviews posted on his Afterlife TV website.

Afterlife TV

A Contemplation About Life

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy,

I awoke and saw that life was service,

I acted and behold, service was joy.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

Age of Aquarius = Lady Gaga?

What does Lady Gaga , the hugely popular icon in the music industry has in common with the Astrological Age?

Astrologers and teachers of esoteric studies have revealed that Earth has entered into the new age of Aquarius. The new period carries the theme of Self-Empowerment for the masses. Its energy supports the awakening of individuals so that they can rise up to their true potentials. However, critics may scoff at this notion. The best proof , of course is validation via world events.

Very recently the major star, Lady Gaga launched her new ‘Born This Way’ foundation at Harvard University. Its aim? To empower the young people of this world! She was quoted as saying “I believe that if you have revolutionary potential, you must make the world a better place …”. Joining her were Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. Just last year, the massive Arab Spring took place and numerous Occupy Movements followed subsequently. Both spoke of self-empowerment, as well. Could all these events be just coincidences? Those who do not believe in metaphysics would claim so. However, spiritual teachers all around the world are aware of this new liberating energy.

This New Age generates the energetic potentials to help remove part of the ‘amnesia’ that everyone on Earth suffers from. It also prompts the individuals to find their calling or passion in life and to live it for themselves. In the end, what people do for themselves at their highest potential, contributes to humanity itself. Within that process, people reclaim their divine roles as active co-creators … of life on Earth. Blessed are those who begin to remember.

And so it is.

Understanding Life

Intrinsically …

I understand harmony is the key.

Matching the frequency belonging to me,

With the external Sea …

Of knowledge which spells Divinity.

And this, I believe ….

Is how it should be.

Staring at Life’s duality,

Without judgmental thoughts,

Is the highest form of clarity.