Age of Aquarius = Lady Gaga?

What does Lady Gaga , the hugely popular icon in the music industry has in common with the Astrological Age?

Astrologers and teachers of esoteric studies have revealed that Earth has entered into the new age of Aquarius. The new period carries the theme of Self-Empowerment for the masses. Its energy supports the awakening of individuals so that they can rise up to their true potentials. However, critics may scoff at this notion. The best proof , of course is validation via world events.

Very recently the major star, Lady Gaga launched her new ‘Born This Way’ foundation at Harvard University. Its aim? To empower the young people of this world! She was quoted as saying “I believe that if you have revolutionary potential, you must make the world a better place …”. Joining her were Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. Just last year, the massive Arab Spring took place and numerous Occupy Movements followed subsequently. Both spoke of self-empowerment, as well. Could all these events be just coincidences? Those who do not believe in metaphysics would claim so. However, spiritual teachers all around the world are aware of this new liberating energy.

This New Age generates the energetic potentials to help remove part of the ‘amnesia’ that everyone on Earth suffers from. It also prompts the individuals to find their calling or passion in life and to live it for themselves. In the end, what people do for themselves at their highest potential, contributes to humanity itself. Within that process, people reclaim their divine roles as active co-creators … of life on Earth. Blessed are those who begin to remember.

And so it is.