Can We Heal Ourselves?

Apparently the answer to the aforementioned question is in the affirmative. However, conventional science does not focus much on beliefs. In fact, most people have accepted past revelation that the fate of our health is sealed by our genes. And so, the following thought is imprinted within most of us.

“There’s nothing we can do – it’s genetics.”

However, as research goes on, new information surfaces every now and then, which debunks previous conclusions. One fine example lies in the field of epigenetic. Dr. Bruce Lipton, biologist, former medical professor and author of the award winning science book “The Biology Of Belief” holds a different view when it comes to the perception surrounding DNAs and genes. He was once reported as saying :

” The current science is called genetic control, which simply means control by genes. The new science, that I got involved with more than 40 years ago and is now becoming mainstream, is called epigenetic control. This little prefix epi turns the world upside down. Epi means above. So, epigenetic means control above the genes. We now know that we influence the activity of our genes by our actions, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. In fact, epigenetic information can take a single gene blueprint and modify the readout of the gene to create more than 30,000 different proteins from the same blueprint. Basically, it says that the genes are plastic and variable and adjust to the environment.”

The above view best explains how the ‘placebo effect’ works. In the field of metaphysics, Mr. Lee Carroll has written many books which touch on our DNAs based on information he received from the Other Side. It has been emphasized that human consciousness and people’s intent activate our dormant DNAs to perform ‘health miracles’ at sub-atomic levels. As such, our positive view/belief/attitude in life can indeed lead to cases of spontaneous remission. On the other hand, fear and worry are great stumbling blocks to our healing. As such, it is good to be mindful of what we think and believe.

(Note: This post was written not to belittle conventional science but instead to act as a reminder that all of us possess great powers within.)