Importance of Self-Love

The following excerpt about self-love from Archangel Chamuel was channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan :-

“Every measurement of time, every measurement of day and night reflects how much you do or do not love yourself. The earth was created from the deepest of heart longings of the Creator. Everything on this planet was created to love you…

When you are in a place of truly loving yourself, then everything that you desire to manifest and create – can, will, and must happen. For that is the way of the Universe.

There are many days when there is not much that you like about yourself. On these days when your creative energies are dismal and have run a muck, your creations are like a highland bog.

Think about a time in your past when you were feeling so good and happy for no reason except being alive. Everything that you touched on that day turned into gold, life smiled upon you with many miracles, people gave to you because they felt your love and joy and basked in it by being generous. Now think about the days that you did not want to get out of bed, you did not want to wake up to the world again. You got up dragging your feet and energy. Everything you touched that day deflated and drooped. You ran out of gas (of course), got a flat tire and every red light on the way to work.

This is your life- the good ,the bad, the ugly always determined by how much you love who you are. It is through you that everything happens. It can be no other way. For that is the destiny of this place that you reside upon that loves you more than most days you love yourself. Everything touches everything else And that is what you have forgotten. That is why I, Chamuel, angel of self-love, come to tell you that — your moods affect all of life….

If you are attracting people that are negative and down in the mouth, then look at your own energy – for the vibration is similar of nature.Stay in a place of joy, happy to be human, happy to be flesh and happy to be wherever you are at that moment of your experience.

You are the center of your universe – every one of you. You are the center of your personal time/space continuum – all separate, but united – similar to the cells in your body.”