Colors Of My Life

Today, as I reflect upon my life,
I notice it wasn’t always easy…
To be me.

There have been days,
I was red hot furious,
As though a beast lurked within.

On other occasions,
I suffered the blues-
Moody and directionless.

There were also moments,
When I was green with envy,
Of other people’s success,
That seemed elusive to me.

But on the flip side,
There have been times,
When I was in the pink of health.
And it seemed I could run countless miles,
Without even exerting myself.

Upon contemplation,
All the colorful episodes of my past,
Were actually experiences,
That helped me create..
The most incredible Rainbow,
Viewable from afar.

With this new found knowledge,
I express my deepest gratitude,
For the diverse colors,
Found on my palette.
One that has been labelled-
‘My Journey In Life’.