Avoiding Double Injury

In the many days of our lives,
We are bound to be hurt by others.
Hurt by their action, hurt by their stinging words.
Deep can be the injury.
Bitter our hearts can turn.
But all the wise teachers and the compassionate gurus,
Have taught us to avoid subjecting ourselves,
To the second round of hurt.
Hurt that comes from our holding onto hatred-
Propagating a destructive energy,
Eating into our soul.

We know the Past cannot be changed.
So past events cannot be reversed.
But we also know,
The future is yet to be determined.
Healing comes from self,
By wanting to move on,
And dropping the drama.

To love self enough,
Is to present self with a better picture,
Of a healthier body and mind.
Detachment is the key ingredient of the cure-
The wonderful medicine of a healing heart.
Everyone deserves a second chance in life,
But unnecessary is the second round of hurt.

And so…
Be healed, dear ones.
It is done.