A Glimmer Of Hope

Saw a glimmer of hope,
Passing my view,
In the midst of a busy street.
It had beautiful hues of blue,
Like the great blue sky.

As I pondered its meaning,
A soft and kind voice uttered,
‘Have you loved yourself lately?’
Strange that it spoke,
But familiar was the tone.
And it continued..

‘You love gazing beautiful sights..
and we love you for that.’
‘You have walked far and ..
have learnt much.’
‘You have looked everywhere for hope,
wishing to touch the sky.’
‘But we can see it in your eyes,
the many sparks of love,
which emanate from within.’
‘The long winter of life,
has seen snow covering your tracks.’

‘Have you lost your way, dear one?’,it asked.
‘Many times before’, I replied in my mind.
‘When you reflect upon your life,
see all the good you have shared.’
‘When you acknowledge this,
the snow will start to melt..
and show the amazing paths,
your benevolent soul has paved for others.’
‘When you touch people’s lives,
you are touching the sky.’
‘You are drawing Heavenly love,
from above to the plane on Earth.’

So comforting was the message,
That my heart glowed with warmth.
‘Was the voice real?’, I asked.
Silence was the answer.
When I looked at the busy streets once more,
I saw not lifeless ones,
But instead…beautiful angels in disguise.
Each reflecting the light of beauty,
In their own special way.

And so I continued my walk,
On the streets of Life,
But with a difference.
This time …
With my head held high,
Knowing that others and I,
Are really on the same side,
Keeping the flame of love…