..But We Can Change Our Thoughts About Life.

Everyday , numerous thoughts run through our minds. The tone of our thoughts affect our well-being in the long run. It has been said, for any particular matter, we can adopt a different perspective such that, we can feel differently towards it. What we think often enough, gets programmed into our sub-conscious selves. Motivational coaches frequently suggest that we program positive thoughts on ourselves by rephrasing our statements or beliefs. Samples could be as such:-

1st thought: “Today, I had such a horrible day!”
Rephrased thought: “Today, I had a character- building day!”

1st thought: “I am so poor . My savings are so little,”
Rephrased thought: “I have much room for financial growth.”

1st thought: “I am confused. There are just too many options.”
Rephrased thought: “I have great flexibility in this scenario.”

1st thought: “I hate hanging out with people as I am badly affected by their moods.”
Rephrased thought: “I am blessed with sensitivity as I can relate to people’s emotions well.”

In the end, rephrasing our thoughts doesn’t rid the challenges in life, but it removes the ‘attitude barrier’ and gives us a fighting chance in overcoming them.