Accepting Differences

“Unconditional love is a high vibrating energy that exists in the Universe. It is what we already are and all we have to do is integrate this into our awareness, that we are and have this energy. We do not have to ‘do’ anything with unconditional love, just acknowledge its presence.

‘Like’ is much different because it is a judgment and an expression of emotional energy which, while we confuse it with unconditional love, they are not the same thing. Judgment is the foundation of emotional energy, which is part of the third dimension. When you express an emotion you are also expressing a judgment because you have to create a judgment in order to have that emotion. …..

To express the energy of unconditional love in the third dimension requires detachment and acceptance, where you are detached from any judgment and accept everything and everyone in each moment. This doesn’t mean that you have to like the energy, embrace it, want to be around it or try to fit it into your life, you just have to accept it and not judge it. …

This becomes more challenging with family because we all have judgments about family relationships and what types of emotions and connections are supposed to exist within them. But even though we give our family unconditional love we can still feel energetically misaligned with them. We don’t have to try to find ways to like them and create an emotional connection. In fact, giving ourselves permission to acknowledge our energetic mismatch can be a very empowering choice that gives us joy, peace of mind and fulfillment.”

– Jennifer Hoffman, author and channeler of Archangel Uriel.