A Matter Of Self-Worth

Uncommon it is not- for us to mimic others whom we think are more worthy… more credible… more dynamic. In some cases, so lacking is our self-worth that we seek them to be our beacons of light in life. Alas, the energy of Earth has changed. 2012 is a year of transformation. As the wave of self-doubt is slowly washed away by the new energetic consciousness, we begin to discover our own divinity. All that we choose to be can be found within our light body/ field of energy , also known as the ‘Mer-Ka-Ba’. It has been said, the key to unlocking the ‘fountain of knowledge’ within is to take the first step on the path called ‘self-realization’.


“About time you realized..
You are a specialty,
There is no one like you.”

“Spend your life worrying..
About what you could have been.
Why can’t you like … being you?”

-From the chorus of a song called ‘Specialty’ by pop artiste & keyboard wizard, Howard Jones.