Why I Laugh.

“I laugh … not because I lead a problem-free life.

Instead, I laugh because I remember … I STILL have the freedom to do so.”

When Silence Is Golden

( New Disciple : ND , Master : M )

ND: Wow, it’s certainly been a disconcerting year, Master!
M : How so?
ND : Surely you are aware of the rampant extremities in weather patterns and the economic slowdown of many countries, right?
M : Yes, I am.
ND : The daily world news is most disturbing. I feel I can’t shoulder the weight of the problems. I really do want to help but I am lost.
M : And you opine that you are incapable of assisting?
ND : Well, for starters, I am no financial guru. Secondly, I don’t possess heavenly powers to mitigate the weather effects. I just feel like I am a failure … an insignificant statistic.
M : Hmmm… I respect your sincerity in wanting to help, dear one. And help, you can.
ND : I doubt so! As it is, I’m so disturbed by the prevalent chaos that I can’t even think straight.
M : Well, chaos is just a prompting for solutions. But, I understand your point. Have you tried meditating?
ND : Honestly, I don’t know how. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure what it is. Different people seem to describe it in a contrasting fashion.
M : Meditation, in its most basic term, means quieting of the mind. All of us have an incredible amount of thoughts running throughout the day. The objective is to quiet the seemingly endless inner chatter.
ND : Oh, I see. However, I still can’t comprehend how meditating would help me heal the world.
M : Our thoughts may seem intangible, but once created, their vibrations go out into our environment. This has been scientifically proven.
ND : Please elaborate, Master.
M : Our thought vibrations interact with other people all the time. As you know, professional psychics have been known to pick up very detailed information. Thus, there is a confluence of energy amongst us every second of the day. So, if you feel you can’t contribute physically to overcome problems of the world, you could at the very least, not compound them, by avoiding the creation of stressful thoughts.
ND : Aaah … So by quieting my mind via meditation, I don’t send out bad vibes to cause further ‘damage’?
M : Yes ….. when you are able to make peace with yourself, you will then make a peace offering to the world, one step at a time. And that … is an eternal truth of life.

Getting Out Of The Groove

My God, it’s amazing how I have gotten this far.
It’s like I have been running in circles all this while.
But this time, I need to shut myself from all those lies,
Move away from all those who are insincere.
I’m going to jump the line and move ahead in life.

This time, I am going to revise my line.
I’m going to dictate what I want from here,
And blast away all those fears.
It’s time to profess for what I hold dear.
Something to light my future years,
And to match my future rhyme.

So finally, I give my consent…
To move from living unconsciously,
To living everyday, where I like my flow.
I am gonna give all my worries away.
And with intent, it stays that way,
Leaving only the Light of Day…

To spark my life… and be truly alive!

(Writing inspired by the song ‘Secrets’ from the group, One Republic.)

The Litmus Test Of Mastery

Masters seldom complain about life,
because when they do,
they realize it is their own lack of serenity,
which causes them to do so.

“As above, so below.”

The Evolving Self

Many people believe that a person’s character cannot be changed and they associate this thinking with the saying , ” A leopard cannot change its spots.” However, this isn’t really true although admittedly, doing a U-turn in our character is most difficult for many. Quite often, we require ‘life changing events’ to jolt us from this perception that our character is set from Day One. However many professional therapists have explained that a significant part of our character is caused by our conditioning during our younger days. As an example, if one were to be born into a family with abusive parents, i.e. where love and joy were hardly experienced, a deep ’emotional scar’ could be created. Even when such a person reaches adulthood, the person may still have severe trust issues and sees life as a bitter journey. In extreme scenarios, such a person may turn abusive towards others as well, thinking that it is an acceptable practice.

However, sometimes certain traits of our character could not be attributed to our earlier experiences in life. Instead, some of our tendencies are caused by our past existences as revealed by many professional past-life hypnotherapists, psychics, mediums and ‘gifted’ people who can somehow read our multi-dimensional Akashic Records or Life Books (which contain memories of our past lives). Quite a number of people’s present phobias have been linked to past existences e.g. intense fear of flying could be caused by a prior ‘death’ in an airplane.

As such, when we remember that much of how we behave today is caused by our past experiences, we can then take charge and transmute the way we see life itself. In other words, we can be who we choose to be by realizing that all our negative traits are indeed malleable. Since innate past memories can shape our present character, then by the same token, our future character can also be changed by our present attitude towards life. It may be true that we cannot change someone’s character, but we most certainly can change ours! One of my favorite mantras is this – “I am NOT who I was yesterday. I am better.”