Getting Out Of The Groove

My God, it’s amazing how I have gotten this far.
It’s like I have been running in circles all this while.
But this time, I need to shut myself from all those lies,
Move away from all those who are insincere.
I’m going to jump the line and move ahead in life.

This time, I am going to revise my line.
I’m going to dictate what I want from here,
And blast away all those fears.
It’s time to profess for what I hold dear.
Something to light my future years,
And to match my future rhyme.

So finally, I give my consent…
To move from living unconsciously,
To living everyday, where I like my flow.
I am gonna give all my worries away.
And with intent, it stays that way,
Leaving only the Light of Day…

To spark my life… and be truly alive!

(Writing inspired by the song ‘Secrets’ from the group, One Republic.)