Disasters – Opportunities For Healing

“Love is infinite. Your love is quite capable of expanding out to every living being on Earth. You would still be capable of giving more love. This is not a selfish love, no. It is indeed an unconditional love. You feel sadness toward the victims of a flood, or an earthquake. You feel compassion for them. You do not know them. Have never met those people, yet you are capable of experiencing the emotion of compassion and concern – unconditional love.

I tell you in areas of the planet where an ecological disaster is experienced, there is in the atmosphere great love energy. This is formed by other souls on the planet sending out in thought form, unconditional love. This provides the initial healing for the planet and the souls involved. I speak of all living beings, not only the human element, but the aquatic life, the plant life, the elemental and mineral kingdoms. The healing energy accumulated is great. Many of you experience and join in this healing process without even thinking of the effect you are creating. It is wonderful.

As you progress you will feel and express unconditional love for others even more. Further, there may be nothing that you can physically do or verbalize to others. That is not always required. It is your intent that is important. And that intent is born of your thoughts and compassionate energy. These create the great loving intent and deeper love energy which will assist in manifesting a new Earth, a soul way of living.”

– An excerpt of a message from Kuthumi , channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark.

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