Flower Of Life

Neighbor A: Hello, Good Morning!
Neighbor B : Why, Good Morning! How are you feeling today?
Neighbor A : Well, to be honest, I don’t feel too well.
Neighbor B : Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that. What’s wrong?
Neighbor A : Er.. to cut a long story short, I was wrongly accused by someone yesterday evening- a friend to be exact. As such, I had a terrible time sleeping last night.
Neighbor B : Aah… Now I understand.
Neighbor A : Well, let me not bog you down with my personal problem. Say, were you talking to your flowers in the garden, just now? I kinda saw your lips moving.
Neighbor B : Ha..ha.., yes I was! How observant of you!
Neighbor A : What were you saying to them, exactly?
Neighbor B : Well, I was verbally expressing my gratitude to them. You know, flowers are actually great teachers.
Neighbor A : Sorry, … I don’t quite follow.
Neighbor B : Well, kind people as well as notorious ones can see and appreciate the beauty of flowers, right?
Neighbor A : Hmm… I guess as long as people do not have impaired vision, they can see them. So, yeah I agree.
Neighbor B : That’s right. So, flowers bloom in all its glory for all to view. They do not discriminate nor judge. With ample light, flowers grow to display its beauty in our world. And though its lifespan is short, it fulfills its purpose, without asking for anything in return. Can you name a person who behaves in a similar fashion?
Neighbor A : No, I guess not. Even my friend was quick to judge me, yesterday.
Neighbor B : Ah, yes. So, you see … if we human beings allow light into our hearts, our expression will be one of grace- a beautiful demeanor, without the need to critique. And just by being graceful, we touch others, one heart at a time.
Neighbor A : Wow! That’s so profound. I never saw flowers in that manner.
Neighbor B : Ha.. Ha.. but now you do … and that’s all that matters,right? Have a lovely, day!