The Lakeside Meditation

I stopped by the lake to meditate.
Nature then delivered a bizarre breeze.
The cool wind seemed to whisper to me-
“Dear one, be slow to react in anger,
But hesitate not to forgive.”

Taken aback, I was.
Nature spoke?
Then the second gust continued-
“For in the end,
Only love is real.”

Mentally, I enquired-
“I have heard that often enough, but what does that really mean?”

Words softly formed in my ears again-
“Life is an expression and Love is the fuel.”
“Anger is rejection of the fuel, and life’s expression is cut short.”
“Conversely, forgiveness is acceptance… and it sustains life.”

“But how can I forgive a world which seems to be filled with hate and prejudice?” – I pondered.
The flow of answers stopped. Trying to locate them,
I walked nearer to the lake till I could see my own reflection on the water.
Suddenly I heard-
“Do you like what you see?”
I saw my frowned look , which I disliked.
The indescribable voice explained-
“The world is a mirror of your being, much like the reflection on the lake. Change your expression and its image will change. The anger you are holding on to, is limiting your expression.”

The last words then followed-
“So, dear one … forgive others but more importantly, forgive yourself. Paint another picture and live the highest truth, for it will set you free to be the grandest expression of love.”

I added, “For only love is real?”
The final gust of wind rubbed against me and seemed to acknowledge by whispering-
“And so it is.”