Look Who’s Talking!

Wise Owl: So, how are you feeling today, Bunny?
Bunny: Oh, I’m so hopping mad!
Sarcastic Snake: Sssheesh! I just can’t stand a bad pun. Hop! Hop! Hop!
Wise Owl: Oh look, Moose is joining us too.
Sarcastic Snake: What? That dumbo too?
Wise Owl: Looks like he has got the new iPad!
Pooh Bear: That is sweet!
Sarcastic Snake: Man, can’t you think of another adjective instead of ssssweet? Must be all that honey you are consuming! Won’t be surprised if you end up being a diabetic,dude!
Elderly Moose: Hi everyone! Guess what? I got myself a high tech pillow- the new iPad!
Wise Owl: Moose, that’s not a pillow. It’s a computer in a tablet form.
Elderly Moose: Oh, dear. No wonder it’s so hard to sleep on. You know, my eyesight and hearing aren’t so good these days. When the salesperson told me the new iPad has a clearer vision and something called ‘retina display’, I thought he was selling me a pillow which could somehow improve my sight.
Sarcastic Snake: Sssssseriously?
Wise Owl: Hey, looks like Sacred Cow could make it to our meeting after all.
Sarcastic Snake: Bummer! Every word that comes out from his mouth always ssssounds like a ssssermon!
Wise Owl: That’s the final straw! Snake, you aren’t perfect yourself, y’know? All of us have to put up with your idiosyncrasy too!
Sarcastic Snake: Whatcha mean?
Wise Owl: I mean … your annoying expressssssion!
Others: Ha!Ha!Ha!
Sarcastic Snake: That’s it! This is bad company. I’m ssssslithering out of here!
Everyone else: Bye, Snake. Sssssssee you sssssoon!