Direction In Life

I acknowledge I don’t have all the answers in the world.
But sometimes, I feel it doesn’t seem to matter.
On a sunny day, I can see further ahead.
And that makes traveling on the road called Life easier.
A view of the next junction seems visible.
Only on some occasions,
When the clearly delineated tar road connects to one made of earth,
Do I feel the need for help in navigation.
Even with a clear blue sky, the earth road shows no sign of junctions.
And so, which branch road should I take, when none seems visible?
That’s when I feel most vulnerable… Most fearful of my future direction.

Today is one of those days.
As I pondered, I got a jolt from memories of my past.
A wise soul whom crossed my path years ago gave me a compass.
Desperately I searched my car for it.
Heaven must be smiling at me today, for my search was not long.
The compass was in my grasp and I quickly looked at it.
To my horror, the needle didn’t move.
It was old and broken.

How strange life is- A moment of relief can easily turn to grief.
Not long after I had placed the compass on the passenger seat,
A ray of light shone through my windscreen and,
It caused a glare on the back surface of the metal compass.
That caught my attention and caused me to give it a second look.
This time, my response was not one of dismay.
Engraved on it, was the answer I was looking for.
The engraving spelt – “FAITH”.