A Heartfelt Tribute

A thousand hours of life,
Equate not …
A minute of truly living.

A thousand choices,
Mean nothing …
Without the decisiveness to choose.

A thousand teachings,
Matter not …
To one who isn’t practising.

A thousand words,
Match not …
A single act of spontaneous kindness.

In life,
Sometimes less means more.
And so …
Benevolent is a person who despite having a short lifespan,
Consciously chooses to practice kindness spontaneously,
In his limited time on Earth.

In the end, the reputation of a person,
Is not represented by what is carved on the stone of remembrance,
But in the ways other people’s lives have been touched.

(Note : To those whose lives have been cut short by the Superstorm Sandy, we honor their souls for their kindness, rendered during their limited time here.You shall be remembered.)