Lighting That Fire!

Give me a second now,
To get my story straight.
My friends are back,
And getting closer,
To the Enlightened state.
My love who’s my passion-
She’s waiting for me,
To cross over the raised bar of control.
I know I promised myself months ago.
I know all this while,I was trying to forget.
But between the kinks and subtle apologies,
You know I’m trying hard to make a comeback.
So by the time the bar rises,
I’ll carry my dreams Home.

We are young.
So I set the intent to fire …
My life’s aims higher … than the Sun!
We are young.
So I tell myself, I’ll never tire …
Instead, I’ll burn brighter … in my run!

Now I know that I’m not gonna,
Change the world single-handedly.
But if I were to try to inspire,
Maybe we can find ways to light a spark.
With friends’ support, we can leave the dock,
And find the waves to carry us on.

So let’s carry on tonight.
Carry … Carry on tonight.

So if by the time the curtain closes,
And you feel like falling down.
Don’t worry … that’s when we know,
We have made it back Home.

(Writing inspired by the hit song ‘We Are Young’ by the group, Fun.)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lillian
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 01:52:46

    Well written and very inspirational….


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