Our True Lineage

” Many Humans have told you that God created humanity like this [God speaking]: ‘I am going to put the Human Beings on Earth and make them suffer pain. I’ll make it really difficult so I’m going to give them the feeling that they are born dirty. Then I’m going to plant guilt on them immediately, so that they will suffer and be a victim all their lives to something that happened eons ago. I’m going to make them crawl and grovel in order to find me. I’m going to make them feel very small.’

Do you think this was the mind of God? In this beautiful garden? Does that make sense to any of you? I asked you earlier to open your heart to the compassion in this room. Is that how you would do it, dear one? And you say, ‘No, no! I would not.’ Then how would you do it? Within the compassion of God, how would you make the Human?

Let me give you an alternate view of how you might think if you were God: ‘I will create a beautiful garden, give Humans sacred DNA, which will become the plan for a beautiful system of ancient remembrance and health. Then I’ll put them on Earth as magnificent. Each one will have a piece of me in them. I’m going to take the sacred image of the creator and implant it in their DNA. So then I can even say, ‘made in the image of God.’ Then I’ll send many masters with sacred activated DNA to show them what they can do, so they will not forget. Great teachers and facilitators will follow through the ages, so they always have examples.’

‘I will give them powers over nature itself. If they find this magnificence through free choice, they can change their own bodies. They can change their culture. They can change the earth. I’ll make them so powerful that if enough of them gather together, they can even keep earthquakes from happening. They will be allied with Gaia.’

How does that sound? What you just read is truth, and do you know who knew it first? It was the ancients who walked this area. If you take a look at what they showed you and taught you, the indigenous here celebrated Gaia, the mother energy of the planet. Sacred it was. Allied to their life, it was, and still is. What is the first thing your indigenous do when they have a ceremony? They celebrate their ancestors! There is even an intuitive knowledge they have that perhaps they even lived before, and that the wisdom of the ancients was theirs. Is it possible that the wisdom of the ages is passed down spiritually? Indeed, it is, and quantum ancestry in DNA is far different than linear chemical lineage. ”

– A message from the Kryon energy as channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll.

Present Of Joy

On this Christmas day,
Help put a smile on someone’s face.
Matters not if the other isn’t a Christian,
For the consciousness of Christ,
Was steeped in compassion.
Through empathy we connect,
And understand that everyone,
Deserves happiness,
Regardless of their race, religion or nationality.
So, let’s suspend the human drama,
And nurture our inner child & be merry.
The time is ripe for us to remember,
That Joy has always been our birthright.
Reclaim it, shall we?

Making Sense Of The Connecticut Shooting

“Someone posted on a forum the other day that the Connecticut shooting made them feel like there was no mass awakening going on, and in fact that things seemed worse than ever. Now, with only days to go before the date on which so many have pinned all their hopes and expectations for a ‘mass awakening’ it is important to get clear on how we define a mass awakening.

Our mass awakening does not mean that overnight we will go from the world that is as it is now, to a wonderful paradise. It cannot be. There has to be a bridge. Awakening allows us to see that bridge. It helps us to cross it. It even gifts us with a myriad of ideas, synchronicities, tools, resources, emotions and countless other things to ensure we have all we need to create something new. Awakening provides us with the ingredients – we decide what to do with that awakening.

Awakening allows one to see and feel clearly, to see and feel from a new, higher perspective. Awakening allows one’s life to be more guided by the heart, and less by the head. Awakening encourages one’s self to follow one’s own instincts and truth, rather than be negatively influenced by others. Awakening offers strength, courage and empowerment where perhaps before there was a lack of those things. Awakening, especially in its initial stages can trigger many things: inner peace like you’ve never felt before, sadness like you’ve never felt before, anger like you’ve never felt before, joy like you’ve never felt before…..you get the picture.

There is such a misconception out there that awakening is all about bliss and perfection and only bliss and perfection. While an awakened life opens you up to greater amounts of authentic happiness, there is nothing awakened about denying those aspects of reality – both within us and in our external world – that are uncomfortable to feel and face. They are powerful messengers. When we have the courage and the consciousness to truly feel and face these messengers, they have the potential to awaken us further and stir us toward conscious action and transformative change.

When the veil is lifted from eyes that were covered, from a heart that was hiding, from a soul that was in the shadows, the capacity for love is increased and the outpouring of grief and hurt after a tragic event is also increased. The outpouring of love, grief and hurt since the Connecticut shooting has been immense. The call for action to be taken on gun control and mental health is unprecedented in terms of both numbers of people, and the emotion that is driving those people. There have been so many events this year that have had unprecedented emotional responses from the masses of people that are, yes, awakening!

So I do see a mass awakening going on, and the wave is getting stronger, bigger and more intense every day. Although we are all feeling great sadness at this event and so many others, have you noticed that we are all also feeling great love? We know this because such united sadness would not be possible unless our hearts were opened to levels they had not been before, and connected in ways they were not before.”

– A recent message by Dana Mrkich, energy intuitive & author, concerning the mass shooting at Connecticut, USA and the 21st Dec 2012 potential.


Dana’s message is very consistent with explanations by many metaphysical sources about ‘horrendous events’ such as 2011’s Japan Tsunami & the 9/11 event . It is during the bleakest moments of our lives that compel us to anchor our courage and express our compassion to others. As such, it is on the darkest night, that our light can make the most difference, and that … is when our true Spirit is awakened. The world is currently going through a transitional period as it moves from the end of one long cycle (approx. 26,000 years) to the beginning of a new cycle. That was foreseen and denoted by the Mayan calendar and it doesn’t signify the end of humanity as we know it.

Practice Of Non-Violence

“Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit.

You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Significance Of 12.12.12

December 12th, 2012 is a much deliberated date in the metaphysical circle. The 12.12.12 is the twelfth and last of the ‘triple date’ series (i.e. 1.1.1, 2.2.2, 3.3.3,etc.) of the new century. Channelers, mediums, psychics, numerologists, spiritual teachers, etc. agree that the date bears a great significance, though their descriptions may vary. Generally, they concur that there will be a surge in energy in our environment and this will create great opportunities for a mass awakening. Crystal deposits around the world as well as crystal skulls are said to be activated on this day to unlock hidden energetic information. 12.12.12 has also been described as the final activation of Earth’s Crystalline Grid. Scientifically, crystals possess a piezoelectric property and silicon (crystalline) in our computers store memories, which are essentially information. (In the previous triple date, 11.11.11, people who are sensitive have experienced a wave of energy surging through them when they meditated.) During these times, our dormant DNAs will be further activated, if we are peaceful or joyful , as being in that state opens our cellular antennae to receive energetic signals.

The 12.12.12 event is also considered one of many significant events in the window of 25 years from the date of Harmonic Convergence (August, 1987). Even the Schumann Resonance (also known as the pulse of Earth) has been increasing in frequency over the years. This whole process is commonly referred as the Ascension of Earth in which a great shift in human consciousness takes place. The arc swing of duality (Yin and Yang of life) is slowly lessening to create a Unity Consciousness at all levels. In other words, the notion of separation is gradually fading. Over the last two decades, many people have been reassessing their relationship with each other as well as that with Mother Nature. As such, people are now more vocal in demanding a new way of life that promotes love, fairness, integrity, unity and sustenance. And that… is the calling of the inner heart, which has been suppressed for so long. All the previous street demonstrations/public campaigns and exposure of scandals are actually paving the way for a new future on Earth. Basically, past karma and pent-up negativity have been surfacing all around the world for transmutation. It signifies the emergence of a new era of empowering the human beings. Ultimately, the core message of the times is about reconciliation, nurturing and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies.

From the angle of numerology, the date 12.12.2012 (i.e. 1+2+1+2+2+0+1+2) gives a reading of 11. In this study, 11 is considered a Master Number and has a connotation of spiritual transcendence. From channeled information, 11 signifies the energy of illumination. The great challenge on Earth has always been about remembering who we are and our life purpose. The dark cloud of doubt, that has caused so much strife, is slowly dissipating with the infusion of light. In this context, the Day of 11 will be yet another gateway to higher consciousness in other dimensions that will help people reintegrate and lead them closer to unlocking the great mystery of life itself. In the end, to know Self, is to know the Creator, for the separation of the two, is just an illusion. When Self is re-membered, we can then take responsibility for the world we have created collectively and then re-create a higher version of it, consciously.

And so it is.

Cost Of Winning

Some people just want to win,
At all costs-
In competitions,
In business, and even
In arguments.

And so …
What value is the reward,
When opponents are humiliated,
Livelihood of rivals ended,
And friendship lost?

Sometimes …
Allowing others to win,
Delivers the greatest prize,
By unlocking the nobility within.

When others have a chance to win,
Rivalry is defused,
And animosity is laid to rest.

In the end,
Harmony prevails.
And what better world to create,
Than a planet filled with peace?