Significance Of 12.12.12

December 12th, 2012 is a much deliberated date in the metaphysical circle. The 12.12.12 is the twelfth and last of the ‘triple date’ series (i.e. 1.1.1, 2.2.2, 3.3.3,etc.) of the new century. Channelers, mediums, psychics, numerologists, spiritual teachers, etc. agree that the date bears a great significance, though their descriptions may vary. Generally, they concur that there will be a surge in energy in our environment and this will create great opportunities for a mass awakening. Crystal deposits around the world as well as crystal skulls are said to be activated on this day to unlock hidden energetic information. 12.12.12 has also been described as the final activation of Earth’s Crystalline Grid. Scientifically, crystals possess a piezoelectric property and silicon (crystalline) in our computers store memories, which are essentially information. (In the previous triple date, 11.11.11, people who are sensitive have experienced a wave of energy surging through them when they meditated.) During these times, our dormant DNAs will be further activated, if we are peaceful or joyful , as being in that state opens our cellular antennae to receive energetic signals.

The 12.12.12 event is also considered one of many significant events in the window of 25 years from the date of Harmonic Convergence (August, 1987). Even the Schumann Resonance (also known as the pulse of Earth) has been increasing in frequency over the years. This whole process is commonly referred as the Ascension of Earth in which a great shift in human consciousness takes place. The arc swing of duality (Yin and Yang of life) is slowly lessening to create a Unity Consciousness at all levels. In other words, the notion of separation is gradually fading. Over the last two decades, many people have been reassessing their relationship with each other as well as that with Mother Nature. As such, people are now more vocal in demanding a new way of life that promotes love, fairness, integrity, unity and sustenance. And that… is the calling of the inner heart, which has been suppressed for so long. All the previous street demonstrations/public campaigns and exposure of scandals are actually paving the way for a new future on Earth. Basically, past karma and pent-up negativity have been surfacing all around the world for transmutation. It signifies the emergence of a new era of empowering the human beings. Ultimately, the core message of the times is about reconciliation, nurturing and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies.

From the angle of numerology, the date 12.12.2012 (i.e. 1+2+1+2+2+0+1+2) gives a reading of 11. In this study, 11 is considered a Master Number and has a connotation of spiritual transcendence. From channeled information, 11 signifies the energy of illumination. The great challenge on Earth has always been about remembering who we are and our life purpose. The dark cloud of doubt, that has caused so much strife, is slowly dissipating with the infusion of light. In this context, the Day of 11 will be yet another gateway to higher consciousness in other dimensions that will help people reintegrate and lead them closer to unlocking the great mystery of life itself. In the end, to know Self, is to know the Creator, for the separation of the two, is just an illusion. When Self is re-membered, we can then take responsibility for the world we have created collectively and then re-create a higher version of it, consciously.

And so it is.

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