Our True Lineage

” Many Humans have told you that God created humanity like this [God speaking]: ‘I am going to put the Human Beings on Earth and make them suffer pain. I’ll make it really difficult so I’m going to give them the feeling that they are born dirty. Then I’m going to plant guilt on them immediately, so that they will suffer and be a victim all their lives to something that happened eons ago. I’m going to make them crawl and grovel in order to find me. I’m going to make them feel very small.’

Do you think this was the mind of God? In this beautiful garden? Does that make sense to any of you? I asked you earlier to open your heart to the compassion in this room. Is that how you would do it, dear one? And you say, ‘No, no! I would not.’ Then how would you do it? Within the compassion of God, how would you make the Human?

Let me give you an alternate view of how you might think if you were God: ‘I will create a beautiful garden, give Humans sacred DNA, which will become the plan for a beautiful system of ancient remembrance and health. Then I’ll put them on Earth as magnificent. Each one will have a piece of me in them. I’m going to take the sacred image of the creator and implant it in their DNA. So then I can even say, ‘made in the image of God.’ Then I’ll send many masters with sacred activated DNA to show them what they can do, so they will not forget. Great teachers and facilitators will follow through the ages, so they always have examples.’

‘I will give them powers over nature itself. If they find this magnificence through free choice, they can change their own bodies. They can change their culture. They can change the earth. I’ll make them so powerful that if enough of them gather together, they can even keep earthquakes from happening. They will be allied with Gaia.’

How does that sound? What you just read is truth, and do you know who knew it first? It was the ancients who walked this area. If you take a look at what they showed you and taught you, the indigenous here celebrated Gaia, the mother energy of the planet. Sacred it was. Allied to their life, it was, and still is. What is the first thing your indigenous do when they have a ceremony? They celebrate their ancestors! There is even an intuitive knowledge they have that perhaps they even lived before, and that the wisdom of the ancients was theirs. Is it possible that the wisdom of the ages is passed down spiritually? Indeed, it is, and quantum ancestry in DNA is far different than linear chemical lineage. ”

– A message from the Kryon energy as channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll.