The Greatest Achievement

“The greatest investment one can ever make is the investment into humanity, for an achievement based on positive influence into people’s life can stand the test of time, survive through the mortality of men and resound endlessly through posterity.”

― Uzoma Ezeson, author & poet.

Predictions For Year 2013

Predictions or prophecies are essentially readings of potential scenarios of the future. Many spiritual teachers , channelers as well as psychics agree that the future is not something that has been carved in stone. Nevertheless , many past predictions revealed by the world renowned psychic twins, Linda and Terry Jamison have come into fruition. What sets these twins apart from others are their high rate of accuracy (>90%) and also the fact that they predicted the 9/11 event way before it happened. Most of what they predicted at the beginning of 2012 also did manifest in our world last year. Since their predictions are usually given on live shows and are archived, their predictions could be validated by the masses subsequently when the predicted events eventually come true.

The readings offered by the twins for 2013 seem to be uncannily like a continuation of what transpired in 2012. In other words, this year would turn out to be another 365 days of exposure of dark secrets or scandals involving famous/well known people. The trend of shootings by a single person or ‘lone wolf’ killer would likely continue as well. On the world climate, the extreme weather fluctuations e.g. flooding in certain places but drought in other areas are also predicted to play out this year. Interestingly, channelers of information from ‘the other side of the veil’ , have touched on this too i.e. Earth is undergoing a long weather cycle that involves the redistribution of water on the planet. In addition, earthquakes would also hit several countries in this Year of the Snake.

The twins also emphasized that the world economic problems would persist but have advised people to understand that this is just a prompting to the people to change their old methods of doing things. Again, this notion is supported by other metaphysical experts and they have described the current financial turmoil as an opportunity to review our archaic economic systems. Simply put, old systems of the past no longer function in the New Earth that demands integrity and fairness.

On the flip side, the positive predictions for this year involve the numerous medical breakthroughs related to different types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and bipolar cases. Other ‘gifted’ people also foresee the extension of the human lifespan in years to come. In the long run, as the collective consciousness of the world’s population shifts to higher vibrations/dimensions , the apparent negative effects will slowly taper off. After all, our future is malleable and it changes in tandem with our present thoughts, words and deeds. This point is also emphasized in the late Gandhi’s wise saying – “Be The Change You Want To See In This World.”

Talent Matched By Action

Within the gardens of our mind,
Fertile is the soil.
But without a concerted effort,
Fruits cannot be harvested,
As seeds wouldn’t have been planted.

To the disciplined,
Bountiful rewards are assured,
For the greatest potential is intrinsic-
In every human … in any moment.

When creativity is followed by action,
Even the most incredible landscape of beauty,
Can be manifested …
In the harshest reality.

The Other Side Of Us

We can hide behind the mask of Ego.
Run the farthest distance.
Avoid the judgmental crowd.
But wise ones have revealed this before-
We can’t hide forever.

Despite the mistakes,… the shortcomings.
Know that someone still loves us.
It can read our mind.
It’s like the eye in the sky,
Looking at us from way above,

We have yet to come to our finest hour.
We have yet to live our highest potential.
All it wants for us is to avoid the sweet distraction.
It’s funny because when we don’t look, we’ll start to find.
We can do so much more than what we have anticipated before.
So, hold on tight and let the flight begin.

Let the unravelling begin…
The adventure of the authentic Higher Self.
It’s the part of us we have ignored all this while.
It is light.
Its essence is love.
It is the true reflection of our highest existence.
Partially hidden and waiting to be discovered.
And that has been the great difficulty on this planet.
The perennial battle that Masters have alluded to-
The Ego vs the Higher Self.
Complex is this game of Life.
But once remembered.
It cannot remain unknown.
In the end,
Finding that light within … is enlightenment.

And so it is.

Spreading Light Of Happiness

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

– The enlightened one, Buddha.

Another Year … Another Voyage

Yet again the previous 365-day voyage has ended.
Much has been seen and discovered.
Those who have been battered,bruised and discouraged,
Will try to dissuade us from another journey into the sea,
And plead us to stay on this Island of comfort.
But alas, the empowered human remembers,
That we didn’t become Sailors of Life to expect calm waters all the time.
Instead, we set sail to expect the unexpected.

We know in our hearts, that the choppy waters will once again,
Test all of our four bodies – the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Battling those waves of Life, emboldens ourselves.
And by the end of this new voyage, we hope to discover yet another new Island,
That we can then add and illustate on our map.
It’s our fervent hope, that when our last voyage ends,
The ultimate promotion could be achieved-
The one which proudly acknowledges us,
As Masters of the Sea …of life.

And so it is.

(To everyone, I bid you the best that Life has to offer in Year 2013!)