Another Year … Another Voyage

Yet again the previous 365-day voyage has ended.
Much has been seen and discovered.
Those who have been battered,bruised and discouraged,
Will try to dissuade us from another journey into the sea,
And plead us to stay on this Island of comfort.
But alas, the empowered human remembers,
That we didn’t become Sailors of Life to expect calm waters all the time.
Instead, we set sail to expect the unexpected.

We know in our hearts, that the choppy waters will once again,
Test all of our four bodies – the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Battling those waves of Life, emboldens ourselves.
And by the end of this new voyage, we hope to discover yet another new Island,
That we can then add and illustate on our map.
It’s our fervent hope, that when our last voyage ends,
The ultimate promotion could be achieved-
The one which proudly acknowledges us,
As Masters of the Sea …of life.

And so it is.

(To everyone, I bid you the best that Life has to offer in Year 2013!)