The Other Side Of Us

We can hide behind the mask of Ego.
Run the farthest distance.
Avoid the judgmental crowd.
But wise ones have revealed this before-
We can’t hide forever.

Despite the mistakes,… the shortcomings.
Know that someone still loves us.
It can read our mind.
It’s like the eye in the sky,
Looking at us from way above,

We have yet to come to our finest hour.
We have yet to live our highest potential.
All it wants for us is to avoid the sweet distraction.
It’s funny because when we don’t look, we’ll start to find.
We can do so much more than what we have anticipated before.
So, hold on tight and let the flight begin.

Let the unravelling begin…
The adventure of the authentic Higher Self.
It’s the part of us we have ignored all this while.
It is light.
Its essence is love.
It is the true reflection of our highest existence.
Partially hidden and waiting to be discovered.
And that has been the great difficulty on this planet.
The perennial battle that Masters have alluded to-
The Ego vs the Higher Self.
Complex is this game of Life.
But once remembered.
It cannot remain unknown.
In the end,
Finding that light within … is enlightenment.

And so it is.