Seeing With Clarity

This part of me has no physique,
But it sees very clearly.
When I look into your eyes with it,
I see what you see,
I feel what you feel,
I recognize the courage in you,
I resound with your wisdom too.
I am touched by your compassion,
I also comprehend your deepest passion.

Equally I understand your despair,
I share your burden of this world,
I know all the other disappointments too.
I’m blind to skin color,
I’m free from rigid beliefs,
I’m the One in tune with All.

That which I see in you,
I see in myself… in my life.
The opportunities accorded to you,
Are gifted to me as well.
Indeed, our eyes are the windows to our soul.

I reiterate – this part of me,
Has no physical presence,
But its essence is shared by others too.
It is far grander than what we call sympathy.
Its real name is simply known to many …
As Empathy.
And so,
I honor the part of you,
Which is also in me.

And all these years,
Empathy has taught me…
That we will never know,
The real meaning of Love,
Until we see that aspect,
Radiating brightly in others too.

And so it is.


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