Absurdity Of Vengeance

“Reality is moving towards, and merging with, that Oneness. Oneness will require a complete reorientation of your consciousness, and that will be a major shift for you. Vengeance , for example , becomes absurd within a framework of Oneness. If only God exists, if all life is an interconnected web of being and consciousness, then who exactly would you be taking revenge upon?

Your aim should now be to focus on the Oneness that you all share, rather than any small differences that may seem to divide you. When you focus on Oneness, you will be challenged to stay in that Truth, whatever happens in your life. This is when the Universe will test you, and events will occur to plumb the depth of your commitment to the Truth. As soon as you start to edit and modify Oneness in your mind and say, ‘I can forgive anyone except so-and-so,’ then Oneness disappears.

You are challenged to include all beings in Oneness, even those you least like and respect. You can condemn their actions, their behavior … but you should NOT condemn them as beings. In exactly the same way, you may not approve of the behavior of a very young child, but you can still love and include that child.”

– Message from an angelic being, Alariel found in the book , Beyond Limitations, by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis.