The Intuitive Guide In Life

On one occasion,
My consciousness drifted to a scene,
That was clear as Day,
But felt like a dream at Night,
Words flowed like a stream of thoughts.
They talked to my senses:-

“When the darkness of Night falls yet again,
Obscuring your vision in life,
Turn on the lights of your vehicle,
By reaching the stalk labelled ‘Intuition’.
You will then see far enough,
To help you avoid,
The many pitfalls of life.”

“Remember, dear one,
You didn’t leave Home,
To embark on a Journey,
In which you had no ability…
To rely on.”

“Know this, as well-
Your body is your vehicle,
And the driver is your Soul.
You may have freely veered into a path,
With many warning signposts,
Depicted in words of Fear,
Of Guilt … and of Shame.
But with the same freedom,
You can steer yourself back,
To your original track.”

And despite the many stories I’ve been told,
There’s only one that I believe now,
And will follow through.
It’s a story that rings true in every part,
With an ending that’s dear to my heart.

And thus I conclude-
My life is my chart.
My strife plays a part,
In the growth of my Soul.
Whether winter,
Comes or goes,
This IS really…
All I need to know.