Are You Living Or Not?

Technically speaking, if you are reading this, then you are very much alive. However, the aforementioned question isn’t about living biologically but rather spiritually . In other words , are you living the life you choose to live or are you living by other people’s expectations, rules or preachings? Many wise teachers of the past and present have reminded us before- “We are Masters of our destiny.” The statement is not steeped in arrogance but is a firm reminder of how powerful we truly are. That does not imply we don’t fail or mess up in our every day living. And so, some of us will encounter a divorce, file for bankruptcy, make a 180 degree turn in our career, etc. Will those instances paralyze us mentally and imprison ourselves from moving on in life?

To those who are living ‘safe’ lifestyles, would you dare do something that breaches your comfort zone? Many people do not accord themselves time to contemplate about life because to some, it requires effort , honesty and courage. Others appear contented to live in an auto-cruise mode because they like predictability. But does mental paralysis or contentment provide the same sense of wonder or excitement , that adventurers speak of? Put in another fashion- “Are you living your dreams?” If you are, then congratulations are in order. But if otherwise- “What’s holding you back?” Are you driving your future or are you being driven ?

True living means being authentic with ourselves, and following our inner passion. And that passion, once achieved could spark a new one. Masters always follow their hearts. They even call it the art of living. On the other hand, Masters in denial simply don’t.

So once again, the question begs to be answered- “Are you LIVING … or not?”

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