Angel of Hope

This world can be a frightening place to live in. To those who have been hardened by a seemingly cynical society, you may not feel love at all. But rest assured, you are most loved from the highest vantage point. You may be an atheist or otherwise, but that is immaterial for you are an incredible being of love. There is no other person like you. You may be feeling down, but you are never out.. of love, for this is your undeniable essence.

If you are filled with joy and confidence, then please extend your love to those whom you come into contact with. You need not perform ‘big’ tasks. A simple act of kindness or just a smile, would spark a change in other people. Your compassion is the key to opening people’s heart, to the light of love which is within them. Help them feel what it is like to be loved again. When people are touched by your sincerity, they remember there is hope in humanity. They understand what it is like to be loved once more. Through the healing power of love, they will find peace and no longer feel dejected anymore. In time to come, they too will be the beacon of light and love for others. This chain of compassion will then lead to the creation of a larger community of peace- an ever expanding ring of harmony.

All of us have this energetic potential to help heal the world. And so…will you help shine your light to places where there was formerly none?

– Writing inspired by the book, ‘A Message of Hope from the Angels’ by Lorna Byrne.

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  1. slightlytwistedjane
    May 23, 2013 @ 11:53:56

    Yay thank God I did find your blog!! It’s beautiful. Thanks for the visit, by the way.<3


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