World Transformation – Can You Discern The Profundity Behind The Chaos?

“The planet (i.e. Earth) is shifting into a higher vibration and we are shifting up with her, but at the same time this higher vibration is allowing more of our higher consciousness to download into our physical body. We are not going to float up anywhere with our bodies, we are becoming living embodiments of our highest truth and potential right here in our physical body on Earth. In finally being able to receive more higher consciousness, which was not able to happen in the old density phase of our time here, we are able to ground the Light and manifest it into physical form. This will be evident in everything from greater health and longevity, to more conscious relationships, more conscious ways of living, more sustainable food production, more sustainable everything production, more natural, eco-friendly building practices, the utilisation of free energy, more conscious education, an overhaul of our political and financial systems, every aspect of life and society will transform for the better.

As with everything, positive transformation is most often preceded by collapse and chaos. It is a natural part of the process. This collapse and chaos does not have to mean destruction in a traumatic way. The most common trigger in these times will be the massive increase in awareness, the revelation of things previously kept hidden or secret, the ability for more people to see and know more truth.”

– Dana Mrkich, energy intuitive & author.

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