The Greatest Honor

Disciple: Master, is it true that all of us have lived before?
Master: Dear one, intuitively you already know the answer.
Disciple: Well, I can’t imagine what it is like not to exist. So, somehow I feel we are eternal.
Master: Blessed is the human being who honors his feelings, for within this field of emotions lies the truth. And so… subconsciously, you must know by now you have existed before this incarnation.
Disciple: I think so… but why do we not remember all the episodes of our past lives, Master?
Master: Would that serve you if you remember everything?
Disciple: Well, at least that might help explain why I am here, right now.
Master: If you are enquiring about your life purpose, it is only partially hidden and the key to unlock it is held by yourself.
Disciple: What is this key then?
Master: Dear one, it is a metaphor for your inner desires. In other words, what are you most passionate about?
Disciple: Well, I feel like helping humanity in some way. There is so much strife in the world. However, I feel discouraged at the same time for I believe my goals are too lofty.
Master: Hmm.. Has it not been said before that Rome wasn’t built in a day? Take heed from that wisdom, and pace yourself, dear one. You have a full lifetime ahead of you to heal the world.
Disciple: Maybe you are right … but where or how do I start?
Master: The moment you have set the intent to help, the journey has already begun. But know this … you can only help others if they allow you to. Remember, they are eternal souls like yourself. They don’t need fixing like mechanical objects that have failed. Rather, what they need is your light.
Disciple: My light?
Master: Be that light to disperse the cloud of darkness surrounding them. The darkness I speak of is fear, ignorance, greed, hatred and all the lower vibrations preventing them from living fulfilling and harmonious lives. Your benevolence and compassion will be the catalyst for their enlightenment, dear one.
Disciple: Thank you for your clarification, Master. However, I am still a bit concerned.
Master: Worry not. Remember, no attempt in creating Heaven on Earth goes unnoticed. It is your intention that shines the brightest – an illumination that announces who you are and why you came. So cast aside your doubts and live your highest potential. In the end, there is no greater honor than to have lived and to have tried.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin McNaughton
    May 30, 2013 @ 16:35:29

    This is absolutely beautiful–thank you for sharing!


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