The Missing Link To Healing?

It has been said that,
“Time heals all wounds”,
But at hindight,
Impatience seems to expose the wounds to further infections.

Therefore if time be the medicine,
Perhaps, patience is the administrator?

Sharing The Love

“This I shall write to myself, in my heart & mind,
That I do not live on this Earth just for myself,
That the love from which I live,
I lovingly give to others.”

– the late German healer, Bruno Groning.

Wise Saying Of The ‘Hugging Saint’

Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī , commonly known to the world as Amma [“Mother”], is a Hindu spiritual leader who’s widely respected for her humanitarian activities. She is famous for giving hugs to anyone who wants to be embraced. It is estimated that she has hugged tens of millions of people around the world and has aptly earned an honored description – “The Hugging Saint”. The lady has an enormous sense of love for everyone. Indeed this person is an incredible asset to society.

World renowned clairvoyant and author of many metaphysical books, Doreen Virtue has had the privilege of meeting the said Hugging Saint. On that occasion, with her gifted vision, Doreen saw divine Higher Beings such as Krishna, Ganesh and the spirit of Gandhi surrounding Amma! Blessed with such divine beings working with her, it is thus not surprising to find her speech often laden with great wisdom. The following quote is a good example:-

“Harboring hatred toward someone is like swallowing poison and expecting the enemy to die.”

Beauty Of Remembering

Remember that we are empowered persons …
Who volunteered to come shape the world,
Despite the imposed amnesia.

Remember our enthusiasm before embarkation,
And move away from the feeling of being victimized.

When we live consciously and fully aware of our divinity,
Spontaneous joy emerges in our daily moments.

We then live in full awareness and create our desired reality with enthusiasm,
As only genuine Divine beings could-
Souls , who are truly made in the image and likeness of the Creator.

And so it is.

Balancing Strength & Sensitivity

“It’s important to balance strength and sensitivity. If you are strong without being sensitive, that’s when power can be too aggressive. When you are sensitive without being strong, you won’t have confidence to put your guidance into action.”

– A message Doreen Virtue (clairvoyant & author) obtained during one of her meditations.

Power Of Succinct Words

“Greater than a thousand meaningless words is a single reasonable word that brings calm to those who are listening.”

– The enlightened one, Buddha.

Sending Out Nurturing Energy

The month of June is the 6th month of the Year. 2013 is also the year of 6 numerologically (2+0+1+3). The number 6 carries the theme of Nurturing. In accordance with the theme, may humanity receive help in all forms and ways. It has been said that under the Universal Law of Fellowship, when two or more persons focus their energy on a common cause, a shift in reality starts to take place. So, if you can spare the time and effort, please join me in sending the following nurturing thoughts to the affected parties.

“May the homeless find shelter.”

“May those suffering from hunger be blessed with food.”

“May those living in war torn countries find peace.”

“May the unemployed receive job offers.”

“May the lonely find companionship.”

“May the sick be healed.”

“May the depressed find happiness.”

“May those who are grieving find solace.”

Blessings to All.

It is done.