Sending Out Nurturing Energy

The month of June is the 6th month of the Year. 2013 is also the year of 6 numerologically (2+0+1+3). The number 6 carries the theme of Nurturing. In accordance with the theme, may humanity receive help in all forms and ways. It has been said that under the Universal Law of Fellowship, when two or more persons focus their energy on a common cause, a shift in reality starts to take place. So, if you can spare the time and effort, please join me in sending the following nurturing thoughts to the affected parties.

“May the homeless find shelter.”

“May those suffering from hunger be blessed with food.”

“May those living in war torn countries find peace.”

“May the unemployed receive job offers.”

“May the lonely find companionship.”

“May the sick be healed.”

“May the depressed find happiness.”

“May those who are grieving find solace.”

Blessings to All.

It is done.