The New Human Beings

Year 2013 has been labelled Year One of the New Earth, which so many experts in the field of metaphysics have talked about. It’s the 1st year after 2012, the ‘marker’ or the end of the galactic cycle of (approximately) 26000 years. In astrological terms, we have moved out of the Piscean age and into the Aquarian age (the age of self-empowerment). As time goes by, the collective human consciousness will shift even further to create a new paradigm. In the past two decades, many metaphysical experts have already revealed the bigger picture of what is going on in our planet and they call it the Ascension process. Strange things as highlighted by these experts have already taken place e.g the shifting of Earth’s magnetic grid, causing the dolphins & whales (which rely on magnetics for their navigation) to beach themselves. Yet another anomaly is this – the increasing number of population who do not seem to fit in our society.

These ‘new’ human beings seem to display certain unusual characteristics such as the following:

– highly sensitive (empaths, very intuitive)
– possess intelligence/wisdom beyond their years
– behave like lie-detectors (they just know who’s dishonest)
– telepathic
– have flashbacks of their past lives
– able to communicate with spirits
– have a strong sense of justice
– highly intolerant to chemical laden/processed food
– very creative and energetic (can’t stay focused & often labelled as ADHD cases)
– cannot relate to the present (authoritative) education system/governance
– know strongly that they have a ‘higher purpose’ in life (although they may not remember)
– affect electronic devices just by their presence

This new generation of human beings have already been given labels such as Indigos, Rainbow children & Crystal children. The first book about the Indigos was written by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober. Since then many books have been published about them . (Note: Lee Carroll , himself has been channeling messages from ‘The Other Side’ for the last two decades and his messages of the future have uncannily been proven accurate.) Clairvoyant and author, Doreen Virtue explains that these ‘new people’ do have a special mission in life i.e. they bring about a positive change to our way of living. Dolores Cannon a world renowned hypnotherapist with thousands of past-life regression cases under her belt, has also noticed the emergence of such a group of people. She calls them ‘The Three Waves’ , referring to their different age bracket.

Although, majority of the people in this world, do not place much confidence in the field of metaphysics, I personally do not wish to discard aforementioned revelations as fiction. Through an oracle card reading, I have discovered an Indigo and this person (in his twenties) does possess abnormal characteristics. He literally hears sound frequencies beyond our normal hearing range. Also, much to his dismay, he has a tendency of ‘zapping/frying’ his notebooks just by his contact with the devices. I have also met a pair of teens who claim they remember their past lives and their parents insisted they didn’t influence them to say that. I don’t doubt them as I do remember the case of an American child, James Leininger who did exactly that. His case was featured on ABC’s TV show , Primetime and a book has also been published about the kid. In addition, I have a lady friend (a psychic herself) who suspects that her grandchild is a Crystal child, as the little girl has communicated with her telepathically before!

The world is indeed changing, and the people being born right now do carry a new level of consciousness. The metaphysical experts say they are special because their multi-dimensional DNAs have been configured differently from ours. Some clairvoyants see this new generation bearing an aura that has a different hue of colors from the masses. Indeed, these times are special, and the new human beings should not be feared or labelled as dysfunctional/delusional. It has been emphasized that these people are humanity’s hope and the Game-Changer of life as we know it.

And so it is.