How Hard Can It Be To Say ‘Thank You’?

Kind deeds are rendered everyday around the world, but sadly mostly acts of violence, hatred and destruction form the bulk of news in the media. I suspect that majority of the people who perform acts of kindness never get the acknowledgement that they deserve. There is so much beauty in the human heart, that goes unrecognized daily. I believe that acknowledging kindness is one of the best ways to promote it.

For the highest good of all, let us cast aside our cynicism and give credit to those who deserve it. Bask them in a moment of glory. And if you are one of those, who hardly receives any compliment for all that you have done, then allow me to say … THANK YOU!

Your effort, however small you think it amounts to, changes the energetic fabric of our world. Last but not least, remember to include yourself in the circle of people whom you render kindness to.

Take care and may your blessings be many!