Why We Continue To Live …

“Life is eternal … It is an experiment … It is a game … There is always another and another and another to be played. Sometimes you win … sometimes you lose … UNTIL … such a time when the loosing ceases … for all lessons have been learned and there is no need for repetition to ‘cement’ a KNOWING.”

– A recent message from The Other Side as channeled by Blossom Goodchild.

The aforementioned message is consistent with the revelations of many gifted people who are in touch with the spiritual realm. In that realm, souls are aware of the conditions on Earth but … knowing is very different from experiencing. As such, souls choose to have human incarnations over and over again to experience and to learn. Ultimately it leads to the expansion of the collective consciousness of All That Is (which often people describe as God). Every single emotion felt by human beings is honored. None is judged as good or bad, by the Source of life. Hence, the saying – “To err is human ; to forgive, divine.”

And so it is.