Restructuring Of The Economy

Volatility in the world economy is creating a lot of fear in humanity. Most are not aware of the shift that is going on energetically, that metaphysical experts are privy to. People who are adept in astrology or the Mayan calendar, channelers of angelic beings/ascended masters, psychics etc. know that the present financial turmoil is very much part of the restructuring that Earth is undergoing. It has been emphasized, that for things to get better, the foundation has to be broken down and rebuilt to sustain a new economy that is to be based on Integrity. At the present moment the rich are still getting richer, and they are doing so at the expense of the poor. And such has been the scenario for a very long time.

In this new age, things are coming to a breaking point. In fact , several countries have already hit rock bottom. It’s causing a lot of strife and tension, especially to the lower income group. This compels them to vent their anger at the Elites , who were not able to control the fall. The situation throws light to the disparity of CEOs of big firms earning mega bonus, while most of the employees endure a pay cut, or worse – face retrenchment. This is causing waves of people to cry ‘Injustice’ ! Many are resorting to street demonstrations, and even a greater number are using social media tools , like Facebook and Twitter to expose the unfairness of it all. Due to this immense pressure, cracks are developing in these large corporations. A few governments have already been toppled, for similar reasons.

However, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. In the midst of a bad economy, people have less money to be wasteful. Survival issues take precedence over personal indulgence. In short, people become better stewards of their money. In a way, consumers are forced to become less materialistic and make do with what they have. (The keyword ‘Sustainability’ comes to mind.) That in turn, would ease the rate of consumption of Earth’s natural resources. Also, some people are compelled to move back in with their parents/family members, which in turn brings the families closer together. Humanity will discover that they will have to turn inwards for answers, in order to create a better tomorrow. Each will have to take immediate action, instead of waiting for others to bring them solutions. When they do that, they collectively reshape the economy and their lives. In so doing, many people will recognize that they can actually be Masters … of their own destiny. And that is why, many metaphysicians celebrate these times. The ancient Mayan calendar never prophesized Doomsday during these moments. Instead the Mayans saw these times as a great potential for the dawn of a Higher Consciousness – one that Earth hasn’t seen for a very long time. A channeler of the divine has also summarized that the coming years would be a period for planting the seeds for a better future.

And so it is.

Beyond Conventional Thinking

“Do not think like a human. You have the ability within you to create anything you wish. Take responsibility for your journey and make not adjustments out of fear. Truth is, you are all powerful entities walking on this planet, disguised as simple biological beings, and the disguise fools everyone – even yourself.”

– A message from Bashar as channeled by Darryl Anka.

Facilitating World Transformation

“Change is occurring on the earth and within humanity’s hearts and minds every moment of the day. While it may not be happening as quickly as you hope, do not let your judgments of what the results should look like create another barrier for them because your judgments will only serve to limit the changes from manifesting. Instead, continue to focus on the change that you wish to create in your life and as you see your outcomes manifest, the energy of that transformation is shared with the world to integrate and align with.

Just as you do not see the minute by minute growth of a plant or a tree, you are aware of the changes it makes by observing its new leaves or blooms which were forming all along, you just didn’t see them until they appeared. Yet, you know that one day, a rose bush will produce flowers, or a tree will produce leaves in a process that seems to occur overnight.

In the same way, you must know that your work is important and will create change in the world — it already has, and will continue to do so as long as you do not judge the speed or timing of these changes and think that because you cannot ‘see’ them they are not happening.”

– Jennifer Hoffman, channeler of Archangel Uriel.

Key To Victory

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines,
but it is to the one who endures … that the final victory comes.”

– Buddha, the enlightened One.

Living & Loving Every Minute Of Life

A: Hey, Jay. You are looking radiant these days!
J : Ha..ha.. Thank you. I love your compliment. I really do.
A : What gives?
J : A few self-help books and a pop song turned my life around…ha..ha!
A : Books I can understand, but a pop song?
J : Yea, you remember the recent hit song ‘Feel This Moment’ ?
A : Ah… the one by Pitbull and Christina with the infectious A-ha sampling!
J : That’s the one … I am moved by the chorus which goes “But until the gates are open, I just want to feel this moment.” It reminds me that life is impermanent … so until my time is up, I just want to cherish every moment.
A : Oooo… Very Zen like approach!
J : Ha..ha.. You know, our society has focused so much on the intelligence of the brain to the extent that our heart intelligence is ignored. I believe we now think more than we feel. As such, people have become over analytical.
A : Er..your point is?
J : Well, this understanding has helped change my approach in life. These days, I’m more spontaneous than before. I do the things that I feel like doing. And every time I do that, I feel engulfed in joy. It’s as if time has stopped … and I’m just feeling the goodness of the moment.
A : Wow!
J : Wow, indeed! I realize that our heart has the answer, literally.
A : Don’t stop now, Jay. Go on.
J : Well, not too long ago, I got so sick of driving to work. So, I just felt like taking the train, for a change. And so..I honored my feelings and took the public train the very next day.
A : Did you feel better doing that?
J : Well, the opposite was true … Ha..ha. After queuing for the ticket, I had to queue again to enter the train, during the morning peak hours. When I managed to go in, there were no more seats left. So, I had to stand for most of my journey. Worse still, there was this guy who had an awful B.O. standing next to me.
A : Ha..ha..! So much for trusting your feelings, bro!
J : On the contrary. Because of that experience, I now resort to driving to work again. This time around…. I LOVE doing it. I don’t dread it anymore. I appreciate not having to queue again and having my own seat with lots of personal space left. Also, I don’t suffocate from bad B.O. anymore..ha..ha. So you see, by following my heart, it had led me to different experiences. In the end, it showed me joy in things that I had taken for granted.
A : That’s an interesting way of seeing life!
J : Yes, it is. I resist much less these days and just go with the flow.
A : Aah… just to feel this moment?
J : Rightly so, my friend. My heart lives for the moment and the future can wait..ha..ha!

Philosophy Of Life

“This is my simple religion.
There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy.
Our own brain, our own heart is our temple;
The philosophy is kindness.”

– Dalai Lama

Understanding Early Deaths

When people are hit by early deaths in their family or by people who are close to them , grief that follows can become burdensome. Sometimes, the grieving period is sadly prolonged by the survivors’ inability to overcome the trauma. World renowned medium George Anderson’s book ‘We Don’t Die’ aptly surmises the sprit messages he has received over the past few decades i.e. our consciousness survives physical demise.

There is always a higher reason behind any departure from our physical plane of existence. Unfortunately, the rule of the game called ‘Life On Earth as a Human Being’, requires us to forget about our eternal spiritual nature, when we are born. So, when people die young, we are often taken aback and in some cases, family members might even blame God/Creator for being so evil in taking their loved ones away. In such circumstances, we need to remember that we all came with soul group contracts. In other words, prior to birth , souls have already made pre-birth divine agreements with these people who would die young. As revealed by mediums and past life regression therapists, early deaths are more of the survivors’ affair i.e. the demise affords the survivors lessons or opportunities for soul growth/societal contributions.

The aforesaid revelations made sense as I do remember reading about a couple who lost four children within this lifetime. Thankfully, the lovely couple have made peace with their ‘loss’ and have moved on to creating support groups for parents who are going through what they had experienced. The couple are aware that the souls of their children are still alive, and their ‘deaths’ have laid the foundation so that they can become empathetic people to help others with their grieving.

One of my friends also suffered an early loss of her child, but the lady was ‘lucky’ to have met a medium who explained why she had to go through that. The child who was born with an abnormal condition, created an opportunity for my friend to practise unconditional love. Another couple whom I met this year, lost their son (a young adult) a few years ago. According to them, he was a beacon of light in the family. During a hypnotic regression session with one of the parents, the soul of the son appeared and conveyed that his early departure was part of the divine plan. It turned out that the son was an ‘old soul/teacher soul’ to spark a change in his parents’ lives.

Once again, the main challenge on Earth is in remembering the reasons for our existence. Generally, our births and deaths are not accidental. It has been said, ‘The truth will set us free’ and I believe this saying is most pertinent , especially in relation to the true reasons behind such early deaths. And so … real healing begins when the veil of ignorance dissolves.

Middle East Battles – Catalyst For A New Earth?

“… What we are saying is that there is the awesome potential that eventually all governments on the planet will feature choice for their people. If they do not, then the people will cast them out. And if you doubt what we are saying, then look at what is beginning to happen as people rise up in your current times, tribe by tribe, and throw out those in charge.

In the old energy, a dictator could say ‘If we have enough power, we can control the masses.’ This is now changing and is different. The invitation is out there for even the oldest governments to recognize that a Human change is taking place. Humanity will choose who governs them, and you are beginning to see this…”


The aforementioned divine prediction by the entity Kryon, was channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll more than a decade ago. As can be seen now in the Middle East, more unrest is brewing due to frustrations of the citizens of those nations. The tendency of humanity has taken a great shift over the past years, whereby previous wars and battles were about world domination (e.g. World War I & II. ) In this day and age, the strife and struggles that are most prevalent are actually civil wars instead. The energy surrounding these times is about Liberation – the exact opposite polarity of domination. And this is very much part of the Ascension of Earth to a higher (5th) dimension of consciousness, in which the demands of the masses will be heard and cannot be neglected. Indeed, this is the storm before the calm. And until world leaders see the civilians as their equal partners under the Sun, the storm will prevail. This is … the dawn of the new tomorrow. For those who possess the foresight, they will see wisdom behind the current chaos. For those who don’t, they will resent and fight till the end.

And so it is.