Middle East Battles – Catalyst For A New Earth?

“… What we are saying is that there is the awesome potential that eventually all governments on the planet will feature choice for their people. If they do not, then the people will cast them out. And if you doubt what we are saying, then look at what is beginning to happen as people rise up in your current times, tribe by tribe, and throw out those in charge.

In the old energy, a dictator could say ‘If we have enough power, we can control the masses.’ This is now changing and is different. The invitation is out there for even the oldest governments to recognize that a Human change is taking place. Humanity will choose who governs them, and you are beginning to see this…”


The aforementioned divine prediction by the entity Kryon, was channeled by Mr. Lee Carroll more than a decade ago. As can be seen now in the Middle East, more unrest is brewing due to frustrations of the citizens of those nations. The tendency of humanity has taken a great shift over the past years, whereby previous wars and battles were about world domination (e.g. World War I & II. ) In this day and age, the strife and struggles that are most prevalent are actually civil wars instead. The energy surrounding these times is about Liberation – the exact opposite polarity of domination. And this is very much part of the Ascension of Earth to a higher (5th) dimension of consciousness, in which the demands of the masses will be heard and cannot be neglected. Indeed, this is the storm before the calm. And until world leaders see the civilians as their equal partners under the Sun, the storm will prevail. This is … the dawn of the new tomorrow. For those who possess the foresight, they will see wisdom behind the current chaos. For those who don’t, they will resent and fight till the end.

And so it is.

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