Understanding Early Deaths

When people are hit by early deaths in their family or by people who are close to them , grief that follows can become burdensome. Sometimes, the grieving period is sadly prolonged by the survivors’ inability to overcome the trauma. World renowned medium George Anderson’s book ‘We Don’t Die’ aptly surmises the sprit messages he has received over the past few decades i.e. our consciousness survives physical demise.

There is always a higher reason behind any departure from our physical plane of existence. Unfortunately, the rule of the game called ‘Life On Earth as a Human Being’, requires us to forget about our eternal spiritual nature, when we are born. So, when people die young, we are often taken aback and in some cases, family members might even blame God/Creator for being so evil in taking their loved ones away. In such circumstances, we need to remember that we all came with soul group contracts. In other words, prior to birth , souls have already made pre-birth divine agreements with these people who would die young. As revealed by mediums and past life regression therapists, early deaths are more of the survivors’ affair i.e. the demise affords the survivors lessons or opportunities for soul growth/societal contributions.

The aforesaid revelations made sense as I do remember reading about a couple who lost four children within this lifetime. Thankfully, the lovely couple have made peace with their ‘loss’ and have moved on to creating support groups for parents who are going through what they had experienced. The couple are aware that the souls of their children are still alive, and their ‘deaths’ have laid the foundation so that they can become empathetic people to help others with their grieving.

One of my friends also suffered an early loss of her child, but the lady was ‘lucky’ to have met a medium who explained why she had to go through that. The child who was born with an abnormal condition, created an opportunity for my friend to practise unconditional love. Another couple whom I met this year, lost their son (a young adult) a few years ago. According to them, he was a beacon of light in the family. During a hypnotic regression session with one of the parents, the soul of the son appeared and conveyed that his early departure was part of the divine plan. It turned out that the son was an ‘old soul/teacher soul’ to spark a change in his parents’ lives.

Once again, the main challenge on Earth is in remembering the reasons for our existence. Generally, our births and deaths are not accidental. It has been said, ‘The truth will set us free’ and I believe this saying is most pertinent , especially in relation to the true reasons behind such early deaths. And so … real healing begins when the veil of ignorance dissolves.

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  1. ritakowats
    Sep 06, 2013 @ 14:20:12

    My experience in dealing with the sudden and unexpected death of my sister is also teaching me many lessons. It is different when an older person dies this way, because it opens our consciousness to the event of our own passing.


  2. Sasha A.
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 01:27:55

    My Mother committed suicide and it took me 5 long years to overcome the trauma of it. I learned many spiritual lessons in the process, and no I help others who have been touched by suicide. i have also learned, it takes as long as it takes to overcome. Part of my overcoming is living in a manner that reaps many fruits, for this experience has shown me the reality of what living a life of regrets can do to a person.


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